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DION Riser Doorsets

Designed and fire tested specifically for use in riser shafts running through buildings. CISCO fire tested DION Riser Doors provide protection to riser openings preventing fire escaping from the riser shafts and spreading throughout multistorey buildings. This is possibly the most important access door in the building for preventing the spread of fire to other floors. Doors up to 2747mm high have been tested guaranteeing accurate levels of protection all backed by our 15 Year Guarantee.

By taking advantage of our unique spring-loaded pivot hinging system, installation time is reduced offering significant savings in fitting costs with the advantage of being able to simply remove the doors giving the benefit of a full clear opening when required. An improved 5 point locking system has been engineered to offer full security to restricted M & E services whilst seamlessly blending with the surrounding walls. For a truly concealed look specify with the spring-loaded invisible keyhole system. These high-performance interlocking door sets are almost a 100mm in thickness and boast high acoustic ratings, 2 hour+ fire rating and are approved smoke sealed.

Powder-coated white RAL 9010 as standard with the ability to be finished in any RAL colour or primed for on-site painting, the door leaves comprise of a steel skin to both sides with an insulated strengthened door core.

Product Features

Fire Rated

Fire tested for up to 2 hours to BS476 Part 22.

Acoustic Rated

Acoustic reductions from 41dB to 49dB. Tested to BS EN ISO 10140-2:2010.

Air Tight

At 25 Pa the leakage rate is 0.47m³/h.m² tested to BS EN 1634-3: 2000.

Powder Coated

Durable powder coated finish in any (RAL9010 white is standard). The door and frame can be over-painted to match the surround.

Picture Frame

For finished surfaces cover the cut edge of the aperture with this frame type.

Beaded Frame

For the minimalist look, skim or tape & joint this frame into the surface.

Spring Loaded T-Key Latch System

Ask for our “Spring Loaded Invisible Keyhole”


Insulated to meet a Building Regulation target of 0.35 u-value.






Technical Details

Typical Single Door

 We recommend the prepared opening be 5mm larger than the panel ordered.

 Prepunched fixing holes for simple installation.

 Standard 99mm depth on all stock sizes.

 Factory fitted insulation.

 Factory fitted removable pivot hinge with inserted steel pins located into holes in the frame Picture OPTION 1+3 or Beaded OPTION 2 frame options to suit your installation preference.

 2 hour fire rating.

 Powder coated RAL 9010 white as standard or can be overpainted with emulsion.

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